The Action Today is About Towing

Well, here we go again. I bought this POS Jetta Diesel that I thought was going to be a sweet deal and a cheap car to drive. The story was – one owner before me and she blew the engine and this mechanic that I met lent up with the car and rebuilt the engine as good as new. Yeah, right.

So I paid slightly over bluebook and took possession of this rolling money hole. First, it blows oil all over the frickin place. Time to have it towed. $100 for the tow, $400 for the repair.

I have it back 3 weeks, then it’s blowing coolant on the ground. $100 for the tow, $400 for the repair.

Okay – 2 months in a row, I’d dropped $500 or more into this damn car. If the people at Reno Towing Company hadn’t been so nice – I’d of thought they were in on it.

So I dumped the car and bought a BMW. What the hell. If I was going to drop $500 a month on a vehicle, it might as well be a BMW. By the way, I added full warranty and free towing (just in case). Sorry Reno Towing – I won’t be needing you again.